Building up to our wedding day, I had been quite vocal on social media about our day. But once the day had passed, I didn’t want to share it online – because it was our day and I had wanted to keep it private. A year later, I’ve changed my mind and decided to share a few snippets of the magic.

We had our traditional Hindu Tamil wedding on the 12th of June 2016.

I remember barely being able to sleep the night before (butterflies) and then waking up at around 5 am to start getting ready. I enjoyed the entire process of getting dressed up, having my hair done and my saree draped. By 10 am I had made my way to the temple and my husband and me, exchanged a few nervous glances but by the time we had made it to the wedding altar he had completely made me forget the butterflies.

With 450 guests, I’m surprised I hadn’t turned into an anxious mess. Even more surprising is watching our wedding video and seeing us laugh, smile and be at ease. A few snags on the day make it all that endearing and I reminisce on the South Indian flair of the day, I’m so thankful it went well. Vows said, thali tied, dot placed and rings exchanged – it went off rather smoothly.

Would I do it again a year later? In a heartbeat.