It’s only fitting that I post about Margaret Zhang on her birthday. Going beyond just a blogger, she has vision. Following her for the past year, each new post has me giddy with excitement. She has mastered the art of articulating her words so beautifully, so effortlessly that you cannot help but be wooed.

At a mere twenty-two, she has a resume of note – stylist, writer, photographer and contributing editor. Not to mention a start of the first season of Fashion Bloggers on E! SHINE BY THREE is a source of inspiration in a world overloaded with content every single day.  Each post carefully calculated, a balance of creative writing and a passion for conceptualisation. How do we calculate this Margaret Zhang Equation?
Commitment is more than just posting everyday. You’re building a brand. In order for you to take your brand to the top, you need to give it everything you have. You don’t need to post every day or even every month, but committing to a schedule creates a base for readers to incorporate into their lives.

Brand Promotion
Many forget that a blog is an extension of themselves and subsequently, a representation of their brand. A blog is a digital brand. And much like any brand in the world, upkeep is needed through promotion. Be proud of your words, ideas and concepts.

Crafted content
Poorly put together doesn’t create an impact. The shock factor may create buzz and draw immediate audiences, but will not keep said audiences. Your content needs to be original, thought-provoking and leave a lasting impression. So much so, that readers keeping visiting your site. Your words need to entice, your images need to captivate and your passion needs to shine through.

Become your own source of inspiration too.

Image courtesy of SHINE BY THREE