The consistent thing about becoming successful is that it’s hard. Consistently hard. Consistently a struggle. Even when you make it, you’re still going to have to fight for where you are, what you have and how you got there.

I have always had amazing ideas but afraid of making them a reality and backing out before I even attempted it. But the past few months have made me realise, a big part of why I am unhappy with my current situation, is because I can’t change where I am right now. Well, that’s what I thought. I don’t feel as if I’m making a difference doing what I do every day. That’s enough to kill one’s spirit. But no more, I need to take the plunge and make things happen.

I want to make a difference in the world. I am not after relevancy, I am not after fame and money. I want to be better than my parents. I want to achieve more than they have. It is not a bad thing, it is not a self-absorbed thing to say either.  Because I truly hope that my children one day will achieve more than I have. Do more. Be more. Each generation should leave behind a legacy, a good base to springboard the next.

Success to me is making a difference in the world. Changing the world in some way.  Leaving a legacy. Success is not staying relevant, it isn’t 1410 likes on Instagram posts and it sure isn’t measured by how popular you are. Who is going to remember the 1410 likes in 10 years time?
But this post is not about the fame seekers. Or maybe it is. What it is about, is the people who you’ll meet on your struggle to success. And I say struggle because success has never and will never come easily. These people drain you and don’t expect any genuine support from them.

So I give you The List of Unfavourable’s:

“Every single thing I do, say, conceptualise – you latch on. You have no originality. You are a leech. Do not expect any love from me.”

I think this tweet sums up these kinds of people appropriately. I used to call these people sheep, sheep because constantly following me. Everything I do, they latch on. They do it too. I think leeches do this too because sheep are cute and not sinister. Leeches have something planned, they have an agenda as to why they are constantly, doing what you do.

The Relevance Seekers
No, they may not even be in your lane. But it crushes me when I realise the only reason they’re doing something is because they want fame. They want people to know their names. There isn’t anything wrong with that. But there is something wrong with you claiming you’re making a difference in the world when you are actually only looking out for yourself.

The “Show-you-up”  Ones
These are the ones who are doing exactly what you’re doing and make a point of telling you how much further they are compared to you. You make a point of always saying what you’ve done, where you’ve been and how you’re doing so well compared to me. These are the ones who constantly steal your thunder. Constantly point out where you’ve failed and constantly are a pain in the ass. Focus on yourself, please.

Negative sloths
So you aren’t doing anything but you make sure you share your list of all the ways I’m about to fail. Don’t come to me with how nothing will work. Either wholeheartedly support me or shut the hell up.

With all of that said, I’d like to thank my parents, brother (although often cynical but wise beyond his years) and boyfriend. Genuine supporters of The Revi Project.