Blogging is practically dead.

Well on it’s way out anyway. 

Media formats are evolving. In this information age, we scurry to try and filter data, as quickly as possible. As much as the print industry is still hanging on, with even the few who still do enjoy the indulgence of opening up a fresh newspaper or turning the pages of a beautifully produced magazine, its demise is inevitable. We want to absorb media fast and visual content is easier to digest, blogging has been surpassed by Instagrammers and YouTubers. A terrifying fact, that I have been trying to digest for months.

Writing has been my escape for years, and I’m aware that is an overly used line in this industry but it is, unfortunately, the truth. Stemming from a particular essay I penned in high school for an English assignment, I knew that I wanted to write. I didn’t have everything worked out, but blogging seemed to be the ideal way to express myself. Owning some digital space has given me that freedom to create content. But as the years have gone by, the very essence of this space sort of withered out. I was trying to keep up with an evolving industry, competing (in my head) with international and local bloggers. Every image had to be perfect and now I can’t even stare at my Instagram feed anymore without cringing. I kept raising my hand for every event and now I don’t even care about attending anything. Maybe you noticed my disappearance, maybe you don’t even know who I am and somehow stumbled on to this blog by accident. Or maybe, just maybe, this post actually resonates with you. 

Why am I doing this anymore? Am I chasing impressive stats or trying to score a brand campaign? The self-doubt has been creeping in for a while, sitting on a pile of drafts for months and the very essence of this blog, of my writing, has vanished. I have no idea how to get the traction I used too, my numbers have been dwindling for months and it’s been demotivating. I’m not even sure how I managed to put together words for this post, but it’s all from the heart. Promise. I know that this is what I want to do, will this space evolve? I hope so. I’ve been lost for a while and my writing has shown that I don’t recognise any of the content I even produced this year. 

I can’t help but still think of blogging as an art form. A slight sliver of insight into the inner workings of another. Creating content is exhausting. It’s also rewarding, if you’re a content creator (blogger, YouTuber, Insta baddie), you know how good it feels to post content that you worked hard on. Maybe those moments come as they please, but that feeling is pride. You deserve to feel that for your efforts. It’s a full-time job that may not necessarily pay in money, but it helps you grow as a creative. And though we tend to hide the less glamorous side of perfectly styled Instagram posts, don’t forget why you started. I’ve grown creatively because of this digital space. I changed careers because of this blog. I owe this blog, big time.

If you’re a regular reader, this post may seem familiar. And you’re right. I’ve done this before, taken a break from social media and then return with the promise of bigger, better things. I won’t be making that promise now. In fact, I  swear never to commit to that again. But I can guarantee that the soul of this blog has returned. In a way, my blog had to die for me to figure out if its worth it. And as a public declaration; I am done with the competing, chasing numbers and pushing out generic content to stay afloat in this industry. I’m doing this now because Prêt á Revi is a part of me. And so may the writing flow, even in the face of the industry’s fated death.