Surprise, surprise – here we are amidst exam season and my usual case of dire procrastination is running amok. With two more exams left for myself, I decided to share what works for me and what I’ve recently found online that could potentially help you succeed.

It’s a strange feeling knowing that I haven’t really stopped studying since I left school, hell since I started school. But here I am and all though I can’t say that studying weeks ahead works for me, what I do gets me the results I deserve.


To classical actually. Its these soothing sounds with no vocal attachment to drive you away from concentration. Think piano, violin and so forth. Had I tried this in school, my studying wouldn’t have seemed like a chore so much.


Again, growing up for whatever reason I didn’t really eat or drink when studying. I’d have the odd energy drink here and there but that was it. Now I’m happily munching away and my mind stops automatically reverting to food because of boredom or a lack of focus.


This is something I have recently started but not really in conjunction with studying. It was more to control my anxiety and give me a clear space to move forward with my day. Now I do a quick 10-15 minutes before starting to study and it helps me focus.


This is more of a mental effort than physical. Trust yourself to know if you’ve paid attention along the way, the information is up there. This works mostly with theory subjects but it’s important to know enough to apply to practical situations. Which brings me to…


Truthfully, I have walked into a number of exams with 60% knowledge. The 40% was me applying concepts to practical situations. Again, theory subjects work well with this methodology. If you struggle to stay focused on what you’re studying, try applying it to a situation and I mean talking to yourself to get it to stick.


This applies to both knowledge repetition and positive thinking. If studying repetitively helps you, go for it. But don’t brush off the power of positive thinking. Whether you believe in the ‘mumbo jumbo’ as some may call it, staying positive is physically calming and gives you a confidence boost.

Remember its all about what works for you. This works for me and I’m happy to share it. I spent the longest time drawing up mind maps, cutting out info cards and sticking notes everywhere – it helped but wasn’t the most effective way for me to retain knowledge. There are a million study methods out there but you need to find what makes you comfortable. And on that note, back to another chapter with a healthy dose of almond munching.

Image credit: Unsplash