riority on my ‘Australia To-Do’ list had been Sephora. It was the first thing we actually did in Sydney and I’m sharing my secrets to shopping Sephora.

Being that it was my first Sephora visit, I knew I had to be ready. I didn’t want to spend more than I budgeted, I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed by all the amazing brands housed inside and I certainly had not wanted to leave feeling disappointed.

Know what you want (kinda)
Are you window shopping? Are you set on making a purchase? Are you ready to splurge? It’s easy to feel like you need everything in the store when access is sometimes limited to these international brands here in South Africa. But set out with the goal of buying what you actually want first. In my case, my heart was set out on the Fenty Beauty Match Stix Trio and Gloss Bomb. I splurged on the travel brush set because I really wanted something that had Sephora branding and a Zoeva eyeshadow palette.

Shop specials
I followed Sephora Australia online, waiting for special/discount announcements. Because I was in Sydney during the Christmas period, I managed to get one of their free gifts from their 12 Day’s of Christmas Special. I would suggest you do the same, because this way you may end up saving a few coins.

Take your Time
Swatch everything, look at shades and try different brands. Sephora has great lighting and tons of consultants waiting to help you. Don’t feel rushed into buying something simply for the sake of buying something. And don’t forget to ask for help if you need it!

Convert Kaboom
I installed a currency converter before travelling to track our spending. It really helped to convert prices back to rands, so I knew if we were still in budget or overspending. Have a look at prices before you actually go into Sephora so that you aren’t in for a surprise when your bank notifications start going off.

And finally, enjoy!