Looking back, I can’t recall ever sticking to my new year resolutions successfully. And even though I have checked off goals previously, I have to question how effective I truly was with visualisation and achievement. I always have this pang of regret rise up towards the end of each year. Had I done enough? What did I actually do? Am I closer to where I want to be?  Why hadn’t I stuck to my new year resolutions?

There are a few reasons why I believe in setting goals and new-year resolutions:

Wading through life with no particular aim will always bring up guilt. Achieving something you truly set your mind too, will bring a sense of accomplishment and help you feel grounded but with direction.

As much as I do believe in the Universe making life happen, you have to put in the work. Standing back and hoping you get the life that you want is useless. Make it happen, too.

And that ties in with being content with life in general. If your life is going in another direction, causing you distress or even just not really what you actually want – why are you letting it go by?

To give you a push (and myself too), here are some inspiring New Year Resolution ideas:

  1. Learn something new and capitalise on it future freelance MUA.
  2. Save some money for a rainy day.
  3. Change it up and get a tattoo.
  4. Wake up early, every day.
  5. Save water.
  6. Read a new book once a month.
  7. Yes to grocery bags. No to plastic bags with every purchase.
  8. Give up a bad habit.
  9. Try a plant-based diet.
  10. Do one thing, once a month for someone else.
  11. Stay hydrated and be grateful for clean accessible water.
  12. Start a gratitude journal.
  13. Give up takeout for a month.
  14. Switch your phone off on Sunday’s.
  15. Up your eyebrow game (this goes for me)
  16. Attempt a waste-free lifestyle for a week.
  17. Be able to prepare and cook a three-course meal.
  18. Define your personal style.
  19. Do one thing you love, once a month.
  20. Declutter your junk draw.
  21. Eat breakfast.
  22. Try your hand at a new language.
  23. Take an interest in real-life issues.
  24. Visit a new restaurant every so often.
  25. Meditate.
  26. Invest in your clothes – “buy less, choose well”
  27. Get some sun (with sunblock though).
  28. Donate a can of pet food to your local animal shelter once in a while.
  29. Try new experiences, visit an art gallery.
  30. Wave goodbye to carbs.