To those of you who have let yourself go, I bet you hating on bikini season now. To those of you who have worked every single day so far just to show of your toned-ness (Yes, I just made that word up. It is my blog after all), you might possibly have OCD. And to those who like me, tend to eat too much, exercise too little, but know when it’s time to reverse those two, than I have put a little swimwear i.d. system in place.  Okay that was kind of just for laughs. Some of us are blessed with even proportions (I am so not one of those) and some of us aren’t, but it doesn’t mean you should avoid the beach or dress like an Eskimo for the occasion. I say play up your best asset’s and divert attention from your not so awesome sides
So here are my finest tips when shopping for swimwear:
1. Don’t try your swimwear in the changing rooms. Why? Cheap lighting and the tiny space can play Jedi-mind tricks on you. It’ll have you looking frumpy. I suggest you take it home, try it on and if it isn’t working for you, return it. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE SLIPS, SINCERELY EVERYONE.
2. When buying bright colours, like say red or fuchsia pink. Test a small patch to see it doesn’t run colour. Nothing scares people more (besides a shark sighting) than period blood floating around.
3. Who doesn’t love monokini’s? But can you really deal with you patterned tan lines. Choose wisely.
4. Don’t purchase swimwear if it’s too small, thinking “Oh I’ll lose the extras by the time I need to use it”. Even if it’s on sale. Don’t.
5. Be open minded when shopping, because it doesn’t look great on the rack, doesn’t mean it won’t look smoking on you.
Before you invade the beach, take note:
If you feel you fall into the flat-chested category; than details like horizontal stripes, fringing, ruffles and triangle tops will add that extra volume you want. I don’t know about boob-tubes because to me it emphasises the lack of bust and whenever I have seen some one wearing this look, they had to keep pulling it up. Loving these:
If you have a bit of a tummy; look for pieces that have coverage. Details towards your bust draw attention there and a cami-top style is great too, but make sure it’s long enough. Also buying black is great because it does all the work for you but too me it is a bit boring, so if you do find a great find spice it up with accessories. Look for items, like so:

If you’ve been blessed with an extra busty bust, than you should keep in mind the support and structure of the swimsuit. V-necks are great because they show the right amount of cleavage but still keep you together. Try a thick-strapped halter or a supportive band top to keep you from spilling. Keep these in mind:
If a bigger booty is what you have, than you need pieces that aren’t going to ride up and expose you.  A lighter top and darker bottom because the attention is on your bust and a dress-like swimsuit is great because the ruffles hide your bottom. Boy shorts are the best as they keep you covered in all the right places but highlight your curves in a sexier way. Try shopping for these:
Don’t forget the most important accessories; oversized hat (sun protection), beachy looking wedge (high heels are for music videos only, Miss), extra-large earrings (only jewellery you should be rocking), sun tan lotion (forget the tan lines, sun damage is way worst!) and confidence (How else are you going to work it?). Oh yes lastly, don’t be all prissy and laze around all day, make a splash and enjoy!
Sexy and Love