It would have been easy enough to click delete and find another avenue to express everything.

This will be my seventh year of blogging, the seventh year of creating content and growing digitally. I started Prêt á Revi with the intention of growing it into a fashion and beauty blog. Ironically enough, I never shared my own style, I never did in-depth beauty posts and I had never ventured in front of the camera at all due to my own insecurities. I found my niche only the past year and cannot wait to expand on it.

In the past year, I have grown so much as a person and have accepted where I am. Physically, mentally and spiritually. And that has helped change the direction of the blog. My posts have purpose and intention, my lifestyle has changed and I finally feel comfortable writing what I truly want too.

Wellness has become a state to me. Achieving wellness, be it physically or mentally and I want to share that with you. I started incorporating food posts that are nutritious, delicious and good for the environment too. It’s an exciting aspect of my blog, I enjoy conceptualising recipes and have found new love in food photography. Part of the wellness aspect of my blog will be veganism and vegetarianism. I am transitioning to veganism and do want to share my journey with you.  It really isn’t me trying to convert or shame others. No, I want to create a positive environment, so as I learn, you do too – think of it as a knowledge hub. Sharing easy living tips has also caught my interest because the life can be straining. Fighting off anxiety, dealing with depression and becoming a healthier, happier person has also become quite important to me. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one suffering in silence really changed my perspective, accepting it and working on it.

Lifestyle pieces have forged into a few streams online here. Beauty pieces, discussing products and skincare in detail is still something I do enjoy. As a makeup novice, I am still learning and I love the angle I bring to the beauty industry here in South Africa. As I mentioned earlier, fashion was a reason I started Prêt á Revi. But as time went by, I could never really gather enough confidence to shoot fashion posts featuring me. Ironically enough, after battling with my weight gain in the past year I now feel confident enough to actually do shoots. And yes the weight gain is still an issue for me, but I do want to share my style with the world. It’s a tricky situation, because before it was just snide comments from family and vanity sizing in retailers. Now I’m exposing myself to the world. But it extends to more than just personal style, I have a wandering eye towards design. Interior design that is both functional, minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. Which is why that will also be playing a bigger role online here. And finally, travel. Travel really does ignite my soul. Last year, I was fortunate enough to be blessed with two international trips and it changed the way I view life. These are experiences I want to share with you.

I have titled this a seasonal change, simply because that is what this could be. Maybe in a few months, I might revert to the usual content. I’ll say it again because it’s something I see potential in, I want to create a positive environment to learn and grow from. An environment that prioritises intentional living. May you be inspired.

photographer: Prevashan Moodley

location: Rooftop Ballito Bay Mall