This was the highlight of my blogging career – so far. Attending SAFW for the first time, as media was the most exciting thing to happen to me in a very long time. From planning my outfit to figuring out how to use a DSLR camera, it was nerve-wracking in the best way.

I chose to only attend Day 3 of the event, with Black Coffee, Kotton & Twille, Sober and Blaklisted as my main shows. The glitz and glam began as I entered, received an amazing gift bag and met some remarkable mavens in the industry. From being interviewed for a TV station from Zambia (if I’m correct) to being asked for photos of myself – I was spinning.

A fan of jumpsuits, this one from the brand ChicaLoca on Zando stole my heart at first sight. Edgy cut and a somewhat quirky print.  Platform heels from SissyBoy and paired with an Aztec choker and studded clutch. In hindsight, I should have dropped the heavy accessories and went for pieces more delicate because the jumpsuit was the star.

I wished that instead of letting the excitement of getting an invitation overcome my strong sense of careful planning, that I would have played with the camera more. I didn’t take many great photos. And it was a rather silly to have carried the camera with a clutch bag. But lesson learnt now for events.

The highlight of my day was the Black Coffee show. Transported from the SAFW site to Cyclogy in middle Johannesburg, we were met with rotating models dressed in beautifully crafted garments. The music, ice cream van and venue all brought the collection to life. Silhouettes that showcased the body and still held some allure were quite notable.