The Body Shop is not good for me. I end up spending more money than I should. It’s the PAMPER SHOP of my dreams. Jars of creamy body butters, nourishing creams and exotic oils. I am quite fond of it. I suppose a close contender would be Lush. However, as much as I love Lush, I find the pricing exorbitant. It also is not as easily accessible as The Body Shop. I only bought pampering products from The Body Shop. I had tried make-up once here and was not impressed due to the very high standard I hold the brand too. So deciding to give the make-up another chance, I ventured back in and I am glad I did.

The Body Shop Tree Tea Flawless BB Cream
Let me start off saying how heavenly this smells. I am a recently converted tree tea oil fanatic. It truly is a self-healing wonder. This BB cream was an impulse buy. I had finished off another bottle and asked why not when I saw this. I had only found three shades and took the darkest one in 03. I had actually not tried this on in the store because of feelings. Feelings were right. It matches beautifully.
So what other feelings do I have about this product? It does not streak, blends in well and people don’t believe me when I swear it’s just BB cream! It leaves your skin looking flawless and smooth. I have been using it religiously for three weeks, it may actually replace my foundation. The bottle may look rather small but with less than 0.5cm of the product, I can cover my entire face and neck. It’s a workable consistency and leaves your skin looking dewy even though it dries instantly.
RSP is ZAR 40,00. Worth it.
The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel
In my previous beauty post, I had mentioned this. I have never been one of those girls overly obsessed with make-up. But I am growing my collection. I had been on the hunt for a gel to tame my unruly eyebrows. I don’t have the time to go for a wax every three weeks (no fan of threading). I am also growing out my eyebrows not that thicker brows are in.
This translucent gel keeps hairs in place all day. It also holds for about 8 hours which is fantastic if you’re going for a sleek look. Somehow (probably my imagination), my eyebrows also seem darker with an application of the gel. So that’s an instant win. I haven’t been as religious with this product and I have yet to use it on my eyelashes. I hadn’t attached a photo of me with it on as my eyebrows had lots of wild dancers that I did not have the energy to tame. Overall, a worthy investment.
RSP at ZAR 130, 00. Worth it.