I have always considered myself a makeup novice, a keen interest in the art of applying makeup. And a fair amount of my free time goes to watching Youtubers perfect the art online. I always find myself circling back to finding POC YouTubers. It’s important to me to know what products work on darker skin tones because let’s be real, brands seem to think that having four-hundred light shades and two dark shades are acceptable.

Before you read on, these are my favourite POC YouTubers online. I’m not saying they’re the token POC online sensations, nor am I saying there aren’t any more amazing POC YouTubers out there that I am yet to discover. Here are my favourites and you should definitely subscribe to them.

Image taken from IG – @JackieAina


Jackie Aina has been in the makeup game for quite some time. She also explores topics from feminine hygiene, to laser hair removal. But I watch because she’s called out the brands that just don’t cater to POC and she doesn’t shy away from bright makeup – which I myself have also been nervous about.

Image taken from IG – @patrickstarrr



Patrick Starrr gives us fierce, fun videos. He shows how much can be done with a round-shaped face. He has a real, genuine personality that shines through. His eye looks are legendary and he makes it seem quite easy.

Image taken from IG – @mihlalii_n


Mihali Ndamase is a pro makeup artist and she switches it up from hair tips, skincare routines to cut creases. Her personality pulls through and I adore that she drops in some Xhosa from time to time. She uses both high-end and drugstore brands, which is important to me. I like knowing I have more options.

Image taken from IG – @rumena_101


Rumena Begum brings Bollywood to YouTube. She gives us light into her family life, does full lookbooks and puts together beautiful makeup looks. I just wish she’d upload hair tutorials because her hair always looks great. Also, I have to admit, I am rather fond of her anarkalis, lenghas and sarees. 

Who are you favourite POC YouTubers? Do they inspire your makeup looks? Let me know.