My skin woes continue, so much so that I am now juggling excessive oil, pigmentation and dry patches too. Period pimples stay longer than necessary. Spots are becoming increasingly aggressive. And I have to keep reminding myself that I am twenty-five and not fourteen. 2017 – a turbulent skin year.

Puberty was indeed a breeze for my skin. I never had troublesome spots for too long, generally clear skin and all I can really bring it down to was rarely reaching for my exfoliator and toner daily and that makeup was reserved for weddings mostly. But instead of now rambling on about my glory days, let’s talk about my current situation.

I have been circling a simpler regime recently, masking twice a week due to the spotty spots and using a gentle facewash every day. But the hours in between is where my skin seems to be losing any sense of self-control. The skin on and around my nose is becoming frustratingly dry. It feels as if my skin is flaking (touch wood that it isn’t physically) and in other areas, I feel as if I am dripping oil. Inconvenient and uncomfortable. It could be the weather, it could be me, who really knows? Enter a daytime saviour, Pink Cosmetics Facial Mist Spray.

I first stumbled across this product on the delightful Miss Dhanusha’s beauty blog a while back and was swayed into purchasing this locally made product. I have been sceptical of the sudden emergence of so many locally made beauty brands onto our South African market, but can honestly say after my experience with Pink Cosmetics, I am now quite excited to venture out of my comfort zone. Perhaps, naively too, I assumed that local beauty and skincare brands would not have the same quality that I hold international brands too. I can confirm, that South African brands are indeed on par with international heavyweights and I am interested to see the local market strive.

With core ingredients such as aloe vera, rose water and witch hazel – I was determined in knowing the product would indeed work. These ingredients have anti-bacterial properties. They speed up skin repair, reduce pigmentation and moisturise liberally. Not adding to excess oil, but rather combatting it. I have enjoyed dewy looking skin throughout the day when wearing makeup, tightened pores, hydrated skin and can guarantee that the product does what it claims to do – rejuvenate. I have been using this Facial Mist Spray religiously for the past three weeks, have taken it with me while travelling and enjoy the mini-wake-up on those sluggish days.

I also had ditched primer for this mist spray to see how it would work and although my makeup lasted the usual amount of hours, my foundation around my nose area had surprisingly enough not separated as it usually does (with a primer that is). One spray is enough to cover your entire face, so I can roughly estimate with daily use this 100ml bottle should last you almost two months. I’ve used it for three weeks straight and still have 90% of the bottle left. A steal for R80.00 I would say. As a toner, it is light, refreshing and makes me feel hydrated in all the right places. A spritz after applying makeup works almost as a setting spray and does take away from the textured cakiness sometimes visible on my skin.

Having teamed up with Pink Cosmetics, we are offering you a 5% discount on your shopping cart until the end of December 2017. With Christmas around the corner, a sneaky discount can help with your shopping. And don’t forget, to treat yourself too (winky face) using the discount code revi!