I cannot seem to understand where the year has gone, because here we are, already in August. The year seems to be racing ahead of me and here I am feeling the pressure to knock off more goals for 2017. But that’s not we’re talking about today.

This is a post about setting the theme for the month ahead. I am a big believer in that what you put out into the universe shall happen. And once we pass June, we do all tend to hit a sluggish decline with our goals. We lose that sense of zest for life and we look to the change of seasons and December as the finish line to a long year.

I too am guilty of this. The end of a month has me positive, ready to tackle the new month with a sense of robustness and excitement. By the third or fourth day though, I go back to routine.  Here’s how I am planning to inject some life into August.

1. New food, new you

I remember reading this online that four new recipes a month break routine. I am a planner. I can admit that our meal plan is ready to go right up to April 2018.  We try not to repeat meals often and have a three-week cycle. Recently though, I’ve spent countless hours on Pinterest looking for interesting meals. This month now includes fresh flavoured dishes of Thailand and Mexico. With us Hindus going into the holy month of Purtassi in September, we’re dedicated to making sure our meals revolve around more than mushrooms and soya products. I am so glad I found this tip online because it is exciting tackling a new recipe and opening yourself up to the flavours of the world.

2. Morning pages/Bujo

A trend that seems to be growing in the online world is journalling. Broken down between morning pages and bullet journaling. I’ve found myself gravitating to starting a bullet journal and although July wasn’t as efficient for me, I look forward to August and tracking my time properly and using it to enhance my everyday. Morning pages are literally just that, self-reflection before your day even starts. It’s a great tool against anxiety and lets you clear your mind. Bullet journals, on the other hand, are structured to become your organisation system; it includes things like monthly and weekly planners, habit trackers and goals for every day. You have the freedom to customise it and there is great content online to inspire yours.

3. Expense Tracking

This is something I’ve added to my bujo and I can now swear by it. Sit down and actually draw up a budget, physically at the beginning of each month. Yes, it may seem like unnecessary admin, but I don’t even know how I was living before this. It’s a good glance to see how your fixed and variable expenses affect your income every month. It also gives you the opportunity to see where you can save, where you can splurge and how much the month is essentially going to cost you. Instead of frantically checking your statements at the end of the month or cringing every time you get notified by your bank online, a budget will give you peace of mind knowing exactly where your money is.

Do you have any rituals you have at the beginning of every month? What keeps you going even when the weekend seems to be taking forever? An energetic and optimistic August to you all.