Investing in my skin is my 2018 mantra. My skin had a bit of an emotional run last year, turning twenty-five, I expected clear skin. But seems that’s a myth, much like everything else about the joys of adulthood. I have tried everything to have perfect-looking skin and while drinking 2 litres of water is great, it isn’t working like the claims on social media. Sure my skin appears less spotty but I can’t seem to get rid of the two colonies on my cheeks.

With the new year, I’ve decided to step up my skincare routine. And part of the routine is the L’OCCITANE Precious Cleansing Foam. I have been trying to religiously use it every morning and night as a daily cleanser, only applying moisturiser afterwards and though it hasn’t been a regular application I have seen results.

One pump is enough to massage into my skin, there is a slight odour to it but I am particular about scents. And admittedly I haven’t been using this every day, but only halfway through. I started using the product in the first week of January – in my opinion, the product can be considered affordable. I am estimating two-three months of use.

My only expectations for this product were to have younger looking skin with healthy elasticity to it. It produced these results in a short time and more. It has reduced my puffiness in the mornings and left my skin feeling clean at night.

What does L’OCCITANE Precious Cleansing Foam claim to do?

“Enriched with organic immortelle floral water, the Precious Cleansing Foam gently cleanses the face and eliminates impurities to unveil all the freshness of young skin. Its foam texture gives a unique moment of relaxation.” – as per the description online. 

It hasn’t cleared up my problem areas, but it has lightened the marks. The pigmentation around my mouth has also diminished quite a bit. But more impressively, my monthly painful period pimples on my chin are drastically smaller in size since I have started using it.

I have found that cleansers and toners in the past to almost strip my skin of any hydration. My skin would feel uncomfortably tight. Exfoliating beads do not always work well with me, leaving my skin feeling raw more than nourished and cleansed. But this is an effective cleanser which is soothing.

It’s easy to apply with the pump, which is always my fear with any skincare product – reducing potential wastage. The foam doesn’t squirt out in every direction, which is due to the clever design. The packaging has a very niche 80s/90s feel to it, which is refreshing in the clean design world today. I think it’s quite commendable that there is also braille on the bottle for visually impaired customers.

It currently retails for R375,00 for 150ml and can be purchased at any L’OCCITANE boutique store or online. I look forward to purchasing this again and would definitely recommend this to people who want softer, cleaner skin.

Oh yes, it’s pronounced lox-ee-tan.