I find myself writing these mid-year posts out of anxiety annually. And truly, I don’t know what is that urges me on but I tend to find myself mid-year, scrambling to find my list of goals written down in haste a few hours before the clock struck 12:01 am as we said goodbye to the previous year.

In between examinations, work and life on the daily – I just could not afford myself the luxury of sitting down to bring my thoughts to life. And yes, yet again mid-year has me trying to prove that I have accomplished 50% of my goals. But I decided instead of pushing out another post about “what you should do to try and save your year”, I want to focus on what I did without a list.

  1. I haven’t weighed myself in over three months
  2. I finally found my style and aesthetic
  3. I have begun my minimalism journey
  4. I’m switching over to a dairy-free life
  5. I’m strange and being normal is overrated
  6. I learnt to forgive
  7. I fell in love with my deep-set beady eyes
  8. I found happiness in helping the needy
  9. Learning to love life – the good and the bad
  10. I decided to stop worrying about the way others perceive me
  11. I learnt just how important travel is to me
  12. I am starting to define my religion, spirituality and God
  13. I can create and that ain’t average
  14. I learnt to not hate myself for having a second helping of food
  15. Structure is important but I learnt to be flexible
  16. It’s okay to be vulnerable
  17. I stopped comparing myself to everyone else
  18. I accepted that I do have anxiety
  19. An introvert, I am

We get so caught up with building this perfect life, checking off goals and smiling as we do so – we hardly ever acknowledge the seemingly smaller wins. And instead of thinking about how many lemons life has given you, think about how many lemons actually turned out sweeter than expected.