It’s rather rare of me to find myself invested in a brand. KIKI Luxury Skincare has surpassed all of my expectations as a local brand, so much so that it is on par with international heavyweights in the beauty industry.

Labelling itself as a luxury skincare range, everything about the brand oozes a certain elegance to it. Surprisingly enough, I found the products well worth the splurge simply because of the longevity of the products. After seeing countless reviews on social media, I was hesitant about the brand. Did it actually work? Was it just another Instagram brand? Were these influencers only sharing positive feedback because they were sponsored to do so?

Currently, there are only a handful of influencers/bloggers in the South African beauty industry that I trust, whole-heartedly. Hence, when I saw them featuring the products, I knew I had to at least try the products. My first purchase was the Rose-Dew Setting Spray and I received a few samples as well as a free Rose Wax Lip Balm.

My second purchase was shortly afterwards and I bought the Face Primer as well as the Natural Radiance Moisturizer. Again I received a few samples and a free roll-on perfume. As a business, sending out samples and free products once in a while is a great way to get customers to come back. In fact, that’s why I purchased the Face Primer – I tried a sample and I knew I had to have it.

Here’s a breakdown of the products I have tried:

KIKI Rose Dew Setting Spray (R200 – 100ml):

A refreshing take on a usual setting spray. I had never purchased a setting spray before but had always used a setting powder with makeup. Tempted, I wanted to try a local cruelty-free brand. The bottle is the perfect size for a handbag, although I don’t even feel like you need to reapply the product through your day because it works that well. Foundation generally looks very cakey around my nose and mouth area, as well as my forehead. A generous amount (3 – 4 sprays) leaves my foundation staying intact throughout the day, my skin feels hydrated and smells delightful. I have used this setting spray since the beginning of October and it’s still going strong because it doesn’t actually waste product with each spritz, clever packaging.

KIKI Rose Wax Lip Balm (R180)

I received this product free with my first purchase as part of one of KIKI’s specials. It’s an intensely moisturizing lip balm that instantly refreshes the appearance of dry lips. Recently, I have been battling with extremely dry lips and it’s always annoying when I have to be somewhere. This is now part of my makeup routine before applying lipstick and even works as a subtle gloss. I really need to order myself another one of these because I am almost out. Did I mention it smells great too?

KIKI Natural Radiance Moisturizer (R360 – 50ml)

My skincare regimen has been reduced to masks and a toner. My skin seems to be extremely oily and dry all in the very same T-zone. The dryness is a real concern for me because it is something I have never really experienced before. So here I was contemplating what to do, my skincare regimen needed some sort of hydration. This product is a dream on my skin, not excessively oily and moisturising in all the right places. I use this almost daily and it gives my skin a natural-looking dewiness without being overly “wet”, so to say. If you aren’t sure about whether this would work for your skin – ask KIKI to send you a sample to try out. I found that my samples lasted for about three uses each, it really gave me an idea of what I worked for me.

KIKI Face Primer (R395 – 50ml)

Would you believe me, if I told you I have never used a primer before? After buying an R500 foundation, I knew I had to up my makeup game. I have always been sceptical about whether a primer actually worked and if it was necessary. I got one sample in my first purchase and was stunned at how flawless my foundation looked. It hadn’t separated or even moved. I couldn’t see my pores at all and this with the setting spray, I felt like my makeup game increased to a solid 8/10. I really rolled out every last bit from the sample and was determined to buy a bottle as soon as possible. I love that it almost erases the appearance of my pores, doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and my skin isn’t tight.

KIKI Call Me Mysterious Roll-On Perfume (R227 )

I have kept this for my upcoming trip to Australia, but my first impressions are it comes in quite a nifty bottle to carry around. I picked up wood notes instantly and as a fan of subtle earthy fragrances – this may be ideal for me. I will do a more in-depth review of thoughts, on my Instagram Stories when I’m back.

Their products can be seen as slightly pricer; but they do offer free shipping, provide samples with every purchase and offer amazing deals almost every month. Both my purchases were around their specials, being a 2-for-1 and a free choice product with every purchase. As a South African brand, just based on my experience, I will continue supporting them.  I am interested to see how their newly released Jelly Cleanser fares and after trying out a sample of their Volcanic Gold Face Exfoliator, I can’t wait to make my next purchase.

After having tried many of the products from the range, my overall thoughts on KIKI Luxury Skincare is positive. Bringing products to the market that are paraben-free, cruelty-free and locally made is impressive. I do have to include a note on their packaging, which is so beautifully designed and just shouts out luxury – it adds to their brand image. This is a brand that has already set itself as a front-runner in the local industry. You can purchase their products from their website – KIKI Luxury Skincare or DM them on Instagram. They have fantastic customer service and your order is delivered within three days which is another bonus. Did I mention free shipping? Their service, product offering and brand image are impeccable and I am really excited to try the rest of their range.