With the season of over-eating and annoying relatives fast approaching, you tend to look forward to opening gifts and the obsession hour-long sessions of laughter with family. So how to get through this season without attempting to drown your nemesis (bossy aunt or uncle) or pushing that over eager cousin in the oven? Well mostly the food and presents get me out alive by the end of December. Laugh laugh I’m just kidding…maybe…but truthfully its good getting to spend time with your family. It lets you fully appreciate them for the good and yes the sometimes irritating too. But its family after all and the season of good will so family rules.
Stocking up on boxes of chocolates is a great way to avoid an awkward situation of unexpected guests or receiving a gift even though you had no intention of giving out one. Also I think that gift cards are insensitive, because truth be told, if you take more time to actually get me a properly wrapped gift, I’ll appreciate your effort. Gift cards equal lazy and thoughtless, see also lack of creativity. Now vouchers on the other hand, are a sweet touch, because it shows you did actually think through your gift.
Going green is chic and all; but please, for the love of all things divine, do not give out gifts you received and have no use for. This tips over the scale of insensitivity. Why? Because it’s, tacky, rude and shows how much you think of the recipient. Tacky being most of the time you’ll wrap it up without realising that say the box is frayed or the message is addressed to someone else. Rude being a gift; is a gift, if you don’t like it, don’t pass it on. And finally if the recipient actually adds value to your life, you would off actually made an effort.
Oh yes and do be creative, let your hamster run the whole wheel upstairs. Don’t be a bore by getting the same things for everyone, it shows a lack of interest. Buying something for the girls? How about getting them different earrings or rings? And the boys? Maybe a subscription to their favourite mag or customised memory sticks? I’m sure your mum appreciates the bubble/soap assorted box you get her every year, but why not try giving her something a little different, maybe a plant or jewellery she’ll love. I know shopping for men, is a bit daunting, because you don’t know what to get, but try getting your dad a CD of his favourite songs or a cool car accessory, it beats the mug/key ring irk.
Have you made it on the good or bad list this summer? Regardless, I’m sure you have all done something this year that made you proud. Be it actually studying from day one, to budgeting like a pro or helping out the less fortunate.  Don’t count of the fat man in the red suit this year, go out and splurge. With these amazing finds at great prices, you can afford to be spoilt.  
Pouty Princess, yes you who like all things pink, sparkly and drowned in glitter. I’m sure you’ll love these very chic finds:
Consider yourself a stylish first always and trendsetting a hobbie, than these will you keep you ahead of rest:
If you really want a halo this year, try wrapping them up for some one else. A little gem of insight, it feels good to receive but great to give too. But I wont blame you if you can’t resist and get them all for yourself lol. So wrap it up, tear of the wrapping and act surprised!
Sexy and Love