I had to cover the Golden Globes. I am a celebrity and fashion junkie after all and too be completely honest I don’t actually care about who wins what. They already won if the look good (laugh). Here’s a couple of looks I couldn’t ignore (both for good and bad reasons).
They ‘Hollywood royalty’ but they so didn’t have it all together at the Golden Globes. Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Versace gown did nothing. Period. She could have done so much better.  Oh and Brad you seem to be channelling the Crusades with the hair and the 1920s with the cane. I know he has injured his  leg but still…Chop it off and pack the stick away. Together you’ll just confused me…sigh…besides Angelina you look like you could use a cheeseburger.
What a shame Heidi…I love this woman but she looked more like she was on vacation (I’m thinking  on a yacht), sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun. Beautiful Calvin Klein dress but not enough pop for the Golden Globes.
Nicole Kidman, I have one word: WOW! Look at her waist!!!
Bombshell of night has to go to our own Charlize Theron (pretty chuffed saying that). She sexed up the red carpet with all that décolletage and legs that go on forever. This is a Christian Dior masterpiece and I’m loving the Givenchy heels. Not bad for someone from Benoni now??!
Mila Kunis how much sexier can you get?? This Dior gown was AMAZING! Fave look of the night! Heart, Heart, Heart!
Best dressed couple of the night, (drum roll please)…George Clooney and his effortlessly beautiful girlfriend Stacey Keibler.
Zooey Deschanel and Lea Michele, you’ll were my least favourite ladies off the night. Zooey did make some sort of effort because I was getting tired of seeing her in those ‘Alice in Wonderland’ frocks but this was pathetic. Yeah that’s harsh, but this was Prada. How disappointing. People were raving about how stunning Lea looked. I don’t know, maybe all the ‘shine’ on her Marchesa gown blinded me but I’m not seeing the “stunning”. And what’s with the jade ring? Sorry it’s a complete miss for me.
Well that’s the Golden Globes 2012 done and dusted. I still don’t get how some celebrities can look incredible and then some look so, I don’t know terrible?
Sexy and Love