My love affair with French floor boards was ignited by probably an uber cool blogger with multiple imageries and no substance at all. Maybe. But growing up with dollies all around my house, I crave these floorboards like you can not believe.

Where was I? Yes floorboards, deliciously rustic and sleek. I seem to be moving towards the minimalistic approach as seen here. The Swedish have mastered this style. It says so much and so little at the same time which makes it even more alluring. The French, on the other hand, show off their basics in the most intriguing way.

This particular apartment has romanced me. Neutrals, shape and colour are important to me. The lack of colour is actually the best part of this apartment. You can tell a Parisian life here, they seem to exude chic. They showcase their minimalistic style so effortlessly with basics it actually hurts. Hurts? Why of course, if I could own any wardrobe in the world it would be a that of a Parisian woman.

Alas, no floor boards but we’ll always have Paris.
 Image credits: Festen