There’s nothing quite like watching the day waste away and no matter how productive we’d like to consider ourselves, we all do have those off days from time to time.

Call it a lack of inspiration, stressful situations or just mental exhaustion, we all switch off. It’s perfectly okay. We can’t all be highly-functioning humans 24/7. But we can inspire ourselves to get back into focus and hit refresh on our day, week or month.

Here’s what I find works best for me:

Lighting a candle – Candles are instantly calming. Instead of my mind jumping from thought to thought, I can relax and focus on what really needs my attention. Winding down with a candle and notepad helps me. Scented, of course.

Watching inspirational YouTubers – Three of my favourite YouTubers focus on wellness, motivation and creativity. I find watching MuchelleB, Sadia from Pick Up Limes and Amanda Rach Lee videos, when I’m lacking inspiration, gives me an instant boost. Do check them out and let me know if you follow any inspirational YouTubers.

Yoga – Overall Yoga calms my mind and lets me realign my focus. It increases blood flow, gets your heart pumping and is an overall feel-good activity. I try to do yoga at least once a week and more often when I feel rather down in the inspiration department. Join a local class or do it from the comfort of your home with Yoga with Adriene, all you need is a mat and ready mind.

What do you do when you’re uninspired? May these help you out next time you’re finding it hard to keep focus.

Credit to the unknown photographer