Believe it or not, I actually prioritised this post for today.

Not going into the specifics, I have finally realised that life is never constant and can change drastically in a few seconds. I don’t know why it’s only clicked today but it has. I’m not only talking about death, it’s about everything around us. After speaking to him last night and hearing even more bad news today;  I’ve decided its time I actually start living and doing the things I want too.

I’ve started compiling a list of things. It ranges from me being a better person to satisfying the wanderlust child in me. I need to focus on the relationships that actually count in my life. I have to realise only I can alter my path in life and no one else. I need to learn to appreciate a little more.

I’m going to take every chance I get to tell the people I love, how much they actually mean to me.  Stop being pessimistic about situations that never seem to change. Appreciate everything I have.

I’m not trying to go all inspirational speaker on you. I just thiit’sits a good time to think about the life you’re leading. When was the last time you told your loved ones, how much you appreciate them?