I had been invited this past week to the Durban VIP Launch of the #Entertainer2018. Quietly nestled in between the hustle and bustle of Durban lay Views at Twenty5, a venue that I was quite keen to visit. So, when @EntertainerZA invited me to their 2018 launch, I knew I would be in for an adventurous treat.

A night of great views, merry drinks and a venue unlike any other – here’s what went down and what the @EntertainerZA is.

We were welcomed by the friendly faces behind @EntertainerZA, who quickly made us feel at ease despite the gloomy weather. The view was impeccable, spanning across most of Durban. With the backdrop of the Durban skyline, the night started off with drinks, proceeding to a host of canapes. We were then given the lowdown on the ENTERTAINER and I have to admit, I was quite impressed with the number of bookings you could make through the app. Admittedly, I had never downloaded the app. I mean are these discount programmes really saving you money? But curious, I listened intently and was surprised with the restaurants being mentioned. Needless, to say, I downloaded the app as soon as I got home later that evening.

A lightbulb moment for sure, here I was paying for all the necessities and luxuries of life – at full price. When here the ENTERTAINER is offering savings on life. Why not save with a discount programme that gives me the opportunity to indulge as often as I’d like too and save as I do so?


What is the ENTERTAINER? An app designed to make life much easier and more affordable too! With so many different 2-for-1 deals, you have the choice of saving as you please. Ranging from restaurants, bars, spas, hotels to attractions and so much more – the ENTERTAINER is designed to give you best available deals in your city. And in 2018, the addition of retail services is also being added to the app! Could it get any better?

Yes, it’s available seven days a week! That’s the whole year! Products are available every year from the 2 January to 30 December, on an annual basis. It also allows sharing with up to 10 additional friends/family members. Signing up gets you 1000 free pings, meaning you can share special offers with all your loved ones too. Surely this is it right?

Newly added venues throughout the year; discounts on the ENTERTAINER getaways, monthly exclusive offers…This must be it, right? No. Sign up now and get the early bird specials (R100 off for CPT/DUR and R200 off for JHB/TSHWANE). How do you sign up?

  • Visit the ENTERTAINER
  • Register a new profile
  • Download the the ENTERTAINER on your device (Android and IOS compatible)
  • Log in and start saving (the delicious way)

Have you downloaded the ENTERTAINER as yet? Get money savvy in 2018!