Halfway through 2017, I had realised that I was far less productive than I should have been. My life was organised but the organisation itself was strung together into a tangled mess. Too many apps, scribbled pieces of paper and failed attempts at using a poorly put-together bullet journal to my advantage.

I committed to organising effectively towards the end of last year and had hoped that a physical planner would be able to hold everything whirling around upstairs. But to my dismay, the planners on offer were disappointing. Not enough space, too many lines, not enough lines…

Into the second week of January 2018, I had bravely decided I could do without an actual planner. Saving a tree, I decided to go digital. We’re now well into February and I am rather pleased to say my system seems to be working.


Not exactly mind-blowing, but Google Calendar holds my life together. I can quickly slot in events and reminders on my phone/laptop and the best feature (according to me) is that Google tracks your bookings made online. Flights, hotels, restaurant bookings all made online automatically reflect on your calendar. It’s still my most useful app and the widgets are easy to view on both of my phones.

I’m a planner and I have our meals jotted down weeks in advance. Out of Milk, helps me add in weekly groceries for my store runs. You can create multiple lists, add in prices and share lists with others. It’s helpful in the sense that since your lists are always available, you don’t end up forgetting anything instore. There is a free and paid version but both have the same functionality.


Trello and I have history. I first used this application while working at an agency and then proceeded to introduce it to my personal life. I use it for my studies, personal projects and my work. It’s an easy way to track where I am, note incomplete objectives and even just store all the extra information. Although you can upgrade to the premium version, I find that the current functionality on the free version works perfectly for my life. I have the flexibility to add boards, cards and lists. My only annoyance with the app right now is that you can’t actually delete anything, you can close boards and archive cards and list but not permanently delete either.


I have been forcing myself into a routine every day and unless I am able to physically see a schedule, I sulk back into doing the bare minimum. I found Time Tune a few weeks back, it allows me to create a routine and I can enable notifications. It’s a great way to see how much of time I actually have in a day and then try to maximise my output with it. You can save the widget to your home screen for easy access. Although the app is quite helpful as it is, you can pay for the premium version and link it to your Google Calendar. I haven’t done so as yet because I don’t want to book out my calendar.

What apps make life happen seamlessly for you?

Image source: unsplash