Growing up, I used to be the most cynical observer of Valentines Day. I would moan about the consumerism, mention the insignificance of it all and yet feel this strange sensation for just not fitting in. Now I’m older and I crave my boyfriend (need to stop calling him that) playing with my hair and giving me forehead kisses. Although I am still quite cynical about the whole concept of the day with the mixture of consumerism, I do crave memories.

This will be my last one apart from The Man and I cannot wait to celebrate in the most disgustingly cheesy way next year. But I couldn’t help wondering what about all the dates we still have to make up for. Our time has always been so limited, that it’s usually dinner at the most together.

So I’ve been putting together a list of things I actually really want to do with Him as soon as I relocate:

  1. Cooking class
  2. Moses Mabida Jump Thingy
  3. Cycling on the Durban Promenade
  4. Road-trip to nowhere or somewhere
  5. Sumo-wrestling fight in those suits (don’t ask)
  6. Hot air balloon ride
  7. Laser taPaintballll
  8. Bowling (he has a voucher that I need to use because of the Indian Aunty in me)
I can’t think of any more romantically strange things I’d like to do with the Man as yet. Of course I have a few more months left to let my list grow. And on that note, I hope you had an indulgent day be it single or spoiled by your significant other.