You meet those people, that seem to thrive on negativity and chaos. I am not one of those people.Recently, I came to the decision to finally walk away from someone in my life. It was not easy. I think I’ve known for the past two years, the relationship was fading. I will not get into specifics, but I could no longer deal with the theatrics.

There are days when I am so pessimistic and there are days when I am overly optimistic. If I was not, I would not be human. But this particular person was no longer the person I knew. There was always something new and dramatic with this person. All the lies had me spinning in circles. I was becoming obsessively lost in the theatrics, so much so, that I started sounding paranoid and obsessive. Perhaps, rightly so. I just couldn’t walk away because I felt as if I owed the relationship, at the very least to stick it out.
I have so many emotional relationships. But this particular relationship overwhelmed me to the point where I felt as if I let this person go, I would not be the same person. It’s been a few weeks. I thought about this person last night before I fell asleep. I did not say a goodbye, I just walked away. I guess in a way I am a coward for doing that. But why cause more tension? But I also started suffering from anxiety because of the situation that I was being put into.

How do you know when it’s time to walk away? I don’t know. But I suppose you start thinking about how to end it when you realise these things.

1. Your relationship is no longer a supportive two-way exchange.  
2. You genuinely feel as if the other person’s actions are insincere
3. You have nothing in common any longer
There’s a sense of calmness in walking away. We both were not adding any value in each other’s lives anymore. You don’t need to hold onto something because you feel as if there is an obligation based on history.  You don’t need to feel as if you’re to blame for a relationship crumbling. I don’t know this person anymore. I have changed too but I have changed for the better. You’ll realise who brings light into your life. Keep them close and treasure the value you’ll both add to each other’s lives. I don’t have space in my life for consistent constant negativity.