I would have to admit since relocating to KZN, SA, I have been slightly disappointed in the sights on offer. And perhaps, I am particular about what interests me, I just have not found the sweet spot of enjoyable experiences here on the coast.

And just a few kilometres away lay a strawberry haven, Cappeny Estates-based just outside of Ballito, KZN. Here lay a delicious experience basically on our doorstep and we had never really heard people talking about it. In fact, I had stumbled upon their Facebook page and was determined to visit on seeing that it was a local initiative making big waves in our fresh produce industry.

Early September we ventured past the sugarcane onto a short dusty road and found a strawberry haven. An entrance fee onto the site of R10-00 per a person applied, but you will be glad to know that you receive a choice of ice-cream or water in return. The main building was a buzz of activity with a restaurant on site offering waffles to chicken tikka wraps and delightful strawberry milkshakes.

We paid a further R75-00 each to enter the strawberry farm and pick to our heart’s content (well until our punnets filled up). We spent over three hours, picking strawberries – a new experience for the both of us and it was really enjoyable. Getting some fresh air and picking up nature’s candy? A win-win situation over here. Afterwards, we stumbled out with enough strawberries to last a year and indulged in a luscious milkshake topped with cream and candied strawberries.

A few things to remember:

Carry a hat and spray on the sunblock in generous amounts.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Be considerate to other people also picking.

Don’t eat the strawberries.

Don’t try to overfill your punnets to “get more”.

Listen and abide by the rules of the farm.

Enjoy the experience.


All in all, we spent about R300-00 and collected almost 2kg’s of strawberries. We whipped up a cheesecake which was divine, made a strawberry preserve and I still have half a bag frozen for smoothies. And there is renewed hope that there are other memorable experiences in KZN waiting to change my perspective. Also yum.