After relocating a year ago to warmer conditions, my skin has been constantly oily. But somehow I never had many acne pimples. That’s changed. The past three months, my skin has deteriorated so much that I fret thinking about leaving the house without even concealer.

It has been some time since I blogged about beauty. Correction, since I blogged about well anything to be quite fair. Inspiration hits when it wants to, productivity is never constant and life happens, you know? But I have been working on this post for a while now and decided, that July 2017 would see another post from the elusive blog owner (it’s me, I’m elusive and fancy).

Oddly enough, my nose has become quite dry. The skin around my lips and lips included, I am hoping that it could be the slight chill in the air. My t-zone has become almost unmanageable, oily and shiny. Pimples are overstaying their welcome and I really wasn’t keen on trying yet another skin care range on my face. I decided to go the “gentle but effective” route.

Enter a kinder weekly treatment, masking. And where better to find a skincare product that is oh so gentle – The Body Shop. A firm favourite for years, I had never ventured into their mask section. I spent some time online here reading up on what mask would work for my combination skin. Gravitating towards their Tea Tree skin care range and more specifically the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mask, because tea tree oil is beneficial and does clear up my skin.

It applies generously, so you do not end up scraping out too much of product. The formula is much like many other clay masks, drying quite quickly. I  leave it on for about 10 minutes and washing it off with warm water. The 100ml jar retails at R140,00 but before you start wondering about the product-to-price ratio, let me say that I have been using this for a month now and it still looks almost brand new. I have been using this mask religiously once a week and I estimate that a jar would last you about three months.

The results? My skin is instantly smoother and looks more refreshed.  I haven’t had any painful bulging pimples since I’ve started using the mask once a week. I would definitely recommend this product. Have you used any of the skin care masks? What are your thoughts?