I have these horribly pigmented upper arms and I’ve hidden my arms for about five or six years now. I mean I have tried so many things to get the marks to vanish that recently I’ve just given up.  I’ve used tissue oil, body washes, home-made scrubs, turmeric powder….the list goes on.

But my mum and I were in Dischem over the past weekend and she spoke to a consultant at the BioNike counter. Now honestly I have seen this Italian brand maybe once or twice but I didn’t really take notice. Anyway, a very helpful lady spoke to me and recommended a few products.

I hardly use sun protection lotions. In fact only when my skin is really exposed. It just seems like such a hassle to me. The consultant told me regardless of the weather everyone needs to apply it every day because your skin still gets damaged. So I purchased the high protection sun spray lotion from their ‘Defence’ collection. I’ve only been using it for four days now and its definitely something I will recommend. It doesn’t leave that white bluish film on afterwards, it comes in this nifty spray bottle and it has a light consistency compared to other products.
The consultant also gave me a daily peel cleanser, ‘B-Lucent Anti-macchie Anti-dark spots Daily Peeling’ from the ‘Defence’ collection. Like I said, it has only been four days. So I doubt my spots are going to vanish in the first week. Although I have to admit that my skin feels a lot cleaner…if that makes any sense.

I also bought the ‘B-Lucent Anti-macchie Anti-dark spots Skin-Evening cream’ from the ‘Defence’ collection. I was a bit sceptical as it clearly says ‘hand’ on the packaging and my upper arms are the problem, but the consultant guaranteed me that it would work and she seemed well informed so I took her word for it. It also has an SPF 20 which is an added benefit. Unfortunately, four days isn’t enough to see the results of it, but my skin is feeling a lot smoother.

This is an ongoing review – look out for the second part soon.