Did 2017 even happen? The year passed me by so quickly that I’m still not sure it even happened. Yet here we are, staring at our scribbled notes of New Year resolutions, trying to detox from the over-indulgence and ready to take on 2018. Sorta.

I plan on living intentionally in 2018. Money smart and motivated, I want 2018 to be my most inspiring year yet. Here are few ways to get money-savvy and organised:

Block out your calendar. Make your GP check up’s, dentist appointments and plan your self-love days. Don’t forget to add in all your special days too, birthdays, anniversaries. This way you have everything visually noted down.

Toss out the empties. From your bathroom, medicine cupboard…Actually, toss out everything that is expired too.

Plan out your meals for the week. It’s an efficient way to make a grocery list too.

Donate the oldies. If you haven’t worn something in a few months, it’s time to find it a new home.  This goes for old towels too.

Buy fresh flowers. It will liven up your home and bring a pop of colour to your week.

Clean out your inbox. Keep what’s important,  delete the white noise. 

Make your monthly goals visible. There is nothing more reinforcing than visual representation, stick up your list everywhere.

Monitor your monthly usage of water and electricity. This way you’ll realise there are ways to cut down your use and possible wastage.

Give away reading material. Donate magazines to preschools, old books to libraries in need or just recycle it all.

Commit to Meatless meals. One day less of you eating meat is better for the environment and your money as well.

Choose your Holy Grail products. That’s not saying you can’t try anything else, but it will help you set a budget for what you need every month.

Tidy up your social media. Unfollow, follow, just tidy up.

Read up. Stay up to date with current affairs and economic news. You’ll know when a petrol increase is expected and you can plan ahead financially. Helps with inflation, taxes and toll fees too.

Support the locals. Instead of buying all your fresh produce from retailers, try the lady down the road. It’s guaranteed to be cheaper and fresher. Watch your money stretch.

Set time aside. Manage your time more effectively. Catch up with your favourite YouTubers every Sunday instead of every night.

Grow some herbs. Fresh coriander and basil make all the difference.

Download the right apps. Think Habit tracker, Quality Time and Out of Milk. All designed to organise and add value to your life.

Track your weekly spend. Even if you don’t believe in budgets, it’s a good way to know how financially secure you are before payday.